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Télédétection de la biodiversité : état des lieux et perspectives

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"Télédétection de la biodiversité : état des lieux et perspectives".

Séminaire conjoint : GdR MAGIS (AP "Analyse d'images pour le suivi des milieux") - ZA Alpes (CNRS) - IEEE GRSS chapitre français
24-25 novembre 2014 - Grenoble
En association avec la conférence SAGEO'2014 (http://sageo2014.sciencesconf.org/)

Cet atelier a pour objectif de faire le point sur les avancées récentes en télédétection dédiées à l'observation des écosystèmes et d’identifier les besoins et les attentes des gestionnaires en matière de télédétection. Cet atelier doit permettre d’envisager de nouvelles collaborations entre recherche et monde opérationnel en regard des potentialités futures de la télédétection.

Le programme du séminaire est disponible à l'adresse suivante.
L'inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire (voir formulaire). Les repas ne sont pas pris en charge.

Lieu :
2 Rue de la Papeterie
38402 Saint-Martin-d'Hères
salle Ecrins

Contacts :
A. Puissant : anne.puissant@live-cnrs.unistra.fr
B. Reineking : bjoern.reineking@irstea.fr
D. Sheeren : david.sheeren@ensat.fr
V. Thierion : vincent.thierion@irstea.fr

Pléiades Days 2014

One year after the completion of the Pléiades constellation and the start of operational exploitation, the Pléiades Days 2014 will present the capabilities of this optical Earth observation system designed for civil and military use.

The 2-satellite Pléiades constellation provides new opportunities through its high spatial resolution (50-cm sampling), agility and acquisition capabilities, and 3D performances, which makes it perfectly suited to mapping, defence and civil protection needs.

ORFEO, the Pléiades Accompaniment Programme, was set up by CNES, the French Space Agency, to prepare, accompany and promote the use and exploitation of the images acquired by this very-high-resolution optical sensor, especially in the public sector. It was initiated in 2004 and is now in its last phase (Pléiades Users Thematic Commissioning) in which over 130 studies are being carried out by institutional users.

In coordination with ORFEO, Airbus Defence & Space, Pleiades’ exclusive distributor, has set up a “Pleiades Users Group” initiative in order to demonstrate Pleiades’ capabilities among the commercial user community, with around 50 studies in a large range of domains.

During this 3-day event, the results of these studies using Pléiades data from all over the world will be presented by the different actors involved. They will highlight and demonstrate the capabilities offered by the Pléiades constellation for different themes: Mapping / Planning, Risk / Security, Hydrology, Forestry, Agriculture, Sea and Coastal Areas and Geophysics.

Specific emphasis will be given to the algorithms and data processing tools supporting the use of sub-metric images (3D aspects, change detection, texture analysis, pattern recognition). These tools are integrated in an OpenSource toolbox named « Orfeo Tool Box », freely available, that will give rise to demonstrations.

The Pléiades Days 2014 aim to raise the awareness of public-sector and private users to the characteristics and capabilities of the Pléiades system which, since mid-2012 has been providing data complementary both to traditional aerial and satellite imagery such as that acquired by the SPOT 5-6-7 family.

Plus d'information sur http://www.pleiades2014.com/